Deity Template


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Title: Various titles of the god used throughout history. Lord of Storms, Keeper of the Dead, etc

Aspects: What is this deity’s sphere of influence


Runic Triad: A, B, and C

Priesthood: Priests are called …, Lords are called ..

Herald: Description of the divine messengers used by the deity as proxies in the mortal world.



  • Minor:
  • Major:
  • Mortal:

Mythos: Stories of the deity’s deeds from history.

Divine Magic

future -——————————-

Holy Days: (High Holy Day)

Center of Power and Holy Places:

History: Activities of the deity, the cult and its members since the First Age

Reason for Continued Existence: Explain relation of cult, its social context, and its significance w/in the cosmological scheme. These determine the worshipers priorities and the current day mission of the worshipers of the deity. Discuss how they need to live to insure eternal life when they die. Funeral rites. Key Celebrations.

Deity Template

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