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Martial Arts

Edges in Shadora

All Savage Worlds Deluxe and Fantasy Companion Edges and Hindrances are available in Shadora

Unused Edges

These edges are not used in Shadora: Knight, Troubadour, Adept, Familiar, Martial Artist, and Martial Arts Master

Background Edges

Destiny’s Child

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Your hero is favored by Destiny. He gets to draw and play an additional Adventure Card each game session.

Born Swimmer

Requirements: Novice, not available to Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic races.
Born swimmers add +2 to their Swimming rolls, add +1 to their Swimming Pace, and can hold their breath 50% longer than others of their species.

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Combat Edges

Close Fighting

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
This Edge is for skilled knife-fighters, who pride themselves on defeating their foes up close and personal. Close fighters move inside most weapons’ reach, adding a bonus to their Parry equal to the enemy weapon’s Reach +1 for that particular foe. No bonus is granted if the foe is unarmed or using a knife or other small weapon. Example: A character with the Close Fighting Edge battles a native with a short sword (Reach 0). The character’s Parry is raised by +1.

Improved Close Fighting

Requirements: Novice, Close Fighting.
Close fighters train to go for vital areas and weak spots for quick and lethal kills. The attacker adds a bonus to his Fighting roll equal to his enemy’s Reach +1, as well as the Parry bonus from the basic version of this Edge.

Two Handed Weapon Mastery

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8, Str d10
Your character ignores any -1 Parry penalty specifically associated with two-handed melee weapons. Additionally, he can use a two-handed melee weapon in one hand at -2 to Fighting instead of -4.

Improved Two Handed Weapon Mastery

Requirements: Seasoned, Two-Handed Weapon Mastery
Your character has learned to use the superior force of a two-handed melee weapon to hammer your way through a foe’s defenses. Targets gain no inherent Parry bonus from weapons or shields against your attacks. You also do +1 damage with your more forceful attacks with two-handed melee weapons.

Scion of Guha

Requirements: Seasoned, Cannot have any of the Bloodthirsty, Cautious, Code of Honor, Heroic, or Vengeful Hindrances
This hero is particularly good at Smarts Tricks and Taunts and may make either and also Attack without a MAP

Improved Scion of Guha

Requirements: Veteran, Scion of Guha
Hero adds +2 to all Tricks and Taunt rolls.


Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+
This Edge adds +2/4/8 to the range of all thrown weapons.

Improved Hurler

Requirements: Novice, Hurler, Strength d8+
As Hurler, but add +4/8/16 instead.

Quick Toss

Requirements: Veteran, Quick Draw, Throwing d8+
Once per round, this character may draw and throw a weapon as a free action.


Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+
Hero may ignore the standard penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack.

Phalanx Fighter

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+
You receive a +1 Parry bonus for each adjacent ally who also possesses this Edge, up to a maximum bonus of +4.


Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d8+, Fighting d10+
The hero adds +1 to his Parry if using a weapon with a Reach of 1 or more. This is in addition to any bonus already granted by such a weapon.

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Professional Edges


Requirements: Novice, Agility d8
This edge works on Drive, Boat, and Pilot skills as normal. Additionally provides a +2 to Riding rolls and the ability for the Ace to spend Bennies to make Soak rolls for their mount. See SWD for full details.


Requirements: Novice, Persuasion d8, Streetwise d6
Hero gets a + 2 to Streetwise rolls to find cargos and +1 to Persuasion rolls to determine whether you made or lost money.

  • Finding Cargo: Make a Streetwise roll to find a cargo. Roll 1d6 to find the number of cargos available and roll 1d10x10 to find how many tons of each are available. You can take as many units (tons, wagons, burros, etc) as you want of each cargo.
  • Selling Cargo: when you reach the destination and unload, roll Persuasion. On a success, you made a profit; on a failure, you lost money. Your profit or loss is (2d4-2)T per unit of cargo. For each raise on your Persuasion roll, add one to your roll for profit; if you roll a critical failure for your Persuasion roll, you lose 10T per unit. If you lose more money than you have then you’re in debt to somebody.
    Merchants can also make a Smarts roll to evaluate the worth of artifacts and goods (cloth, jewelry, art objects, etc.), and valuable natural materials (gems, land, exotic animals, slaves). Failure to Evaluate means that the character doesn’t know the worth of the item. A critical failure with the roll provides erroneous information, higher or lower, whichever is more detrimental to the adventurer. A Critical success means the character knows the exact worth of the object in whatever coinage he is most familiar with. Evaluate takes 5 minutes to perform, and Evaluate rolls are commonly made by the GM for the player.

Master Merchant

Requirements: Seasoned, Merchant
You are a master of buying low and selling high. Add additional +1 (total +2) to Persuasion rolls to determine profit or loss for cargos. You can also add +1 to rolls to determine per unit profit and subtract -1 from rolls to determine per unit loss. Smarts rolls to evaluate goods are made at +2.


Requirements: Novice, Arcane: Sorcery d6, College of Passion Student, Knowledge: Arts d6, Repair d6
You are experienced at Spellsinging and suffer only a -1 when blending songs.

Master Bard

Requirements: Veteran, Bard, Arcane: Sorcery d8, Knowledge: Arts d8, Repair d8
You are a master Spellsinger and suffer only a -1 when extending spell influence to a Medium Burst and -2 for a Large Burst.

Master Captain

Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8, Boating d10, Intimidation d8, Command, must be Captain of vessel when the Edge is used
Crews who serve under these skilled leaders add +2 to their Boating rolls.

Devout Worshiper

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6+, Initiate or Rune Priest or Rune Lord
Your hero adheres to the tenets of their god devoutly. He gains a +1 on Spirit rolls when casting Divine or Possession magic and also when rolling to regain Divine spells at the temple. Also gains a +1 Devotion. Committing a sin is one level harsher (a minor sin becomes a major sin) for these worshipers as their god expects better of them.

Improved Devout Worshiper

Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+, Initiate or Rune Priest or Rune Lord
Your hero gains an additional 1 on Spirit rolls (2 total) when casting Divine or Possession magic and also when rolling to regain Divine spells at the temple. Also gains an additional +1 Devotion. Committing a sin is two levels harsher (a minor sin becomes a mortal sin) for these worshipers.

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Racial Edges

Elemental Heritage

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+, Nargai or Ahay Human Sub-Race
Your hero inherited the traits of his former masters. He may take racial edges aligned with his element. For example, an earth aligned Nargai could take the Double Shot edge as if he were a Perali.

Ancestral Heritage

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Ahay Human Sub-Race
Your hero was raised in the midst of his ancestral spirits and has developed an affinity for Possession magic. He gains a +1 when casting Possession Spells.

Arcane Heritage

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Valkim Human Sub-Race
Your hero hails from a long line of sorcerers and is in tune with the world’s mana flow. He gains a + 1 to cast Sorcery spells.

Scamper, Improved Scamper

These edges are limited to the Lir race in Shadora. All other requirements remain the same.

Scion of Shadows

Requirements: Veteran, Lir
You are a child of the darkness and gain a +2 Parry and +2 Stealth when in the shadows.

Natural Warrior, Improved Natural Warrior

These edges are tied to the Fel, Lazuri, Nein, and Vrawk races in Shadora. All other requirements remain the same.

Barbaric Blood, Improved Barbaric Blood

These edges are tied to the Nein race in Shadora. All other requirements remain the same.

Double Shot, Improved Double Shot

These edges are tied to the Perali race in Shadora. All other requirements remain the same.

Plant sense

Requirements: Novice, Perali
Perali have a highly developed sense of touch, called Plant sense, which allows them to commune with any vegetation. For 2 Power Points and a 5 minute ritual Perali can tune their nervous system to any plant and sense basic emotional memories or sensations (fear, pain, hatred, love, etc) from the last 24 hours. They can also use Plantsense to have an attuned plant warn them when it is disturbed. This warning works within 1 mark of the attuned plant. A Perali may only be attuned to 1 plant at a time.

Earth sense

Requirements: Novice, Terali
The Terali have a highly developed sense of touch, called Earth sense, which allows them to detect imperfections in their work, subtle pressure changes, airflow changes, and minute temperature changes. Terali gain a +2 Notice when underground, within structures, and when examining devices.


Requirements: Novice, Terali, Shooting d8+, may not have the All Thumbs Hindrance
Some Terali have a natural affinity with firearms, or have trained for years to load quickly even while under fire. Characters with this Edge can reload a firearm in a single action. They may walk while reloading, but may not run. The Edge does not apply to cannon, only to personal arms.

Sunder, Improved Sunder

These edges are tied to the Terali race in Shadora. All other requirements remain the same.

Tunnel Fighter

Requirements: Seasoned, Terali or Mawla, Fighting d8
Because races born underground are so accustomed to fighting in the tight confines of mines and tunnels, so long as they are pressed upon and flanked by enclosing obstacles or structures (such as tunnel walls) on at least two opposing sides, the hero is +1 to Parry and cannot be ganged up on. This benefit is negated when wielding ranged weapons.

War Cry

Requirements: Seasoned, Mawla
Mawla can bellow an ear-splitting War Cry that has been known to send lesser foes fleeing from the field. When used, the hero makes an Intimidation roll against all targets in an area (as opposed to a single victim as usual). Place a Large Burst Template adjacent to the Mawla. Every creature within the circle must roll against the Mawla’s Intimidation total.

Improved War Cry

Requirements: Heroic, Mawla
The Mawla’s War Cry Intimidation roll is made at +2

Sea Strength

Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d8+, Agualan
Agualan is skilled at fighting underwater and gains +2 damage versus non-aquatic targets in the water. They also get +2 Fighting when Grappling air-breathing creatures under water and +2 to opposed Strength or Agility rolls when target is trying to escape from their grip.

Hive Mind (AB: Psionics)

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6, Xern
Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2 Psionic Powers plus Telepathy.
Psionic Powers: Beast Friend, Mind Spear (Bolt), Puppet, Stun, Mind Block (Armor for Psionic Attacks), Fog Mind (Confusion), Mind Reading, Telekinesis, Teleport


Requirements: Smarts d8+, Psionics d6+, Xern
Some Xern have Mastered the Hive Mind and gain +2 on any opposed Psionics roll, whether they are using their powers against a foe or are trying to defend against a rival Mentalist.

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Power Edges

New Power

Requirements: Novice, AB:Shamanism, AB: Sorcery, Initiate, Rune Lord, or Rune Priest

  • Shamans gain a new Totem Spirit
  • Sorcerers gain a spell from the common list or the lists of the colleges they have access to.
  • Hedge Wizards gain a Cantrip from the Savage Cantrips list.
  • Initiates gain 1 Common or Cult Divine spell of Novice rank.
  • Rune Lords gain 1 Common or Cult Divine spell of any rank
  • Rune Priests gain 2 Common or Cult Divine spells of any rank
  • Xern gain 1 Psionic Power

Shadora Arcane Backgrounds

AB: Shamanism

Requirements: Novice; Smarts d6; Spirit d8; Beast Master Edge; Healing d6; Knowledge: Spirits d8, Knowledge: Nature d6
Arcane Skill: Spirit (no skill)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3 Possession spells, 3 Totem Spirits
If this edge is taken after character creation, the character must be taken out of play for 1 season to learn the ways of the Shaman. A character that uses shamanism may not use sorcery though they may take the Initiate Edge to ally themselves with a cult. Shamans may eventually become Rune Priests if they wish, but not Rune Lords.

AB: Sorcery

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8, Knowledge: Journeymen d6
Arcane Skill: Sorcery (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3 Sorcery Spells, Aid, [Element] Manipulation of their University
Sorcerer starts out with a status of “Student.” A character that uses sorcery may not use Divine or Possession magic and vice-versa. Cantrips are taught to University students prior to teaching them real spells. Sorcery Students may know a number of Cantrips up to half their Spirit die. See the Savaged Cantrips document.

AB: Hedge Wizard

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+
Arcane Skill: Cantrips (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3 Cantrips – See the Savaged Cantrips document.
Some folks can’t make it through the rigors of the Shadoran University system. The “drop outs” usually turn to the gods for their magic needs and become initiates in a cult, but some cling to the greatness that was almost theirs, becoming Hedge Wizards. Hedge Wizards practice a low form of Sorcery called Cantrips. This is generally considered “low magic” and most university sorcerers see Cantrips as beneath them.

AB: Initiate (specific deity)

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, d6+ in 2 cult skills
Arcane Skill: Spirit (no skill)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2 Novice level Cult or Common Divine spells
Hero’s taking the AB: Initiate edge also gain these benefits and are bound by these Obligations.


  • Half price spell training costs for Cult possession magic;
  • +2 Devotion – may call for Divine Intervention;
  • Ransom equal to Spirit x 100T;
  • Room and board while visiting the temple at half the price of an Inn;
  • Contacts and support through fellow members.


  • Must tithe 10% of all income to the cult;
  • Must dedicate 10% of time to working for the cult;
  • See the cult descriptions for specific details. (Sins)

AB: Alchemy

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8, Purchase Alchemist’s Trunk, One of AB: Sorcery – University of Water or AB: Initiate – Garathis or AB:Sorcery – College of Inner Workings, Purchase Alchemist’s Trunk

Arcane Skill: Alchemy (Smarts);
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2 Power plus Storing and Poison
The rules for AB: Alchemist are in the Fantasy Companion (SWFC) on page 23-25. When creating an Edge, Storing or Binding potion that will hold a spell, edge or creature that you do not possess yourself, may have to pay an Edge owner or Spell caster to help create the potion.

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Martial Arts Edges

Those who practice the mystic ways of the martial artist are called Wayfarers and the greatest among them are called Waymasters.

The “Ways” are sects within the Bandar cult and becoming a “Walker of the Way” happens by invitation only. A Bandar Initiate may become a Wayfarer by taking the Wayfarer edge and proclaim themselves a master by taking Waymaster Edge. Once a character has been granted membership into a sect, he has access to purchase edges for that sect. Refer to the Bandar Sect Edges table below for detailed descriptions. Any edge from your sect may be chosen as long as the prerequisites are met.

The Bandar Sects

Sect Name Way Racial Affiliation Favored Weapons
M’Yow Lin Way of the Raking Claw Fel Shuriken, Katana, Sashi
Tesh Tara Jal Way of the Coiled Serpent Lazuri Sai, Tonfa
Arax T’ha Way of the Bending Willow Perali Bow, Nata
Hamar Tayar Way of the Open Hand Man Thrown Knife, Ball and Chain, Chaku


Requirements: Novice, Initiate: Bandar Cult, Fighting d6, Agility d8, Knowledge Arts d4, Cult Invitation Only, May not wear armor
This edge provides the Martial Artist edge as per SWD, but you must also choose one of the four Bandar sects to become a student of. Upon taking this edge, you also immediately gain a Sect edge or one of the Common edges that you meet the pre-requisites for.

Once you have taken the Waymaster edge, this edge may be taken again to increase your unarmed attack damage by one die type and to gain access to an additional sect. You don’t get a free sect edge when taking the Wayfarer edge after the first time, it just opens the way to more of the special edges.


A Wayfarer must travel light so the Wayfarer edges cease to function if the Wayfarer dons armor of any type or receives an Encumbrance penalty.

Edges by Wayfarer Sect

Common M’Yow Lin Tesh Tara Jal Arax T’ha Hamar Tayar
Wayfarer Heightened Senses Bring It On! Grab and Hold Disarm Mastery
Waymaster Improved Heightened Senses Bring It All On! Squeeze Play Entangling
Accurate Attack
Combat Mastery


Requirements: Legendary, Wayfarer, Fighting d8, Acrobat, Knowledge Bandar d8, May not wear armor
You have special martial arts knowledge that extends far beyond normal training – you have mastered the way and imbued your normal martial training with divine mysticism. Bandar has seen fit to grant you powerful abilities that allow you to control your body and break the laws of nature. You may make one additional unarmed attack with no MAP with an unused limb each combat round.

You may also dash and scramble up walls, moving up to your Pace, and even running (incurring a MAP), on vertical surfaces, by simply making an Agility roll. You can even stand or move on weak surfaces, like branches of trees, your opponent’s spear, or even the surface of water. The surface cannot be more than 90 degrees, so you may not climb on ceilings, or hang upside-down from any surface.

You may also make great leaps, such that you appear to be flying. You may travel up to twice your usual Pace (no running) vertical or horizontal, or a combination of the two, but must momentarily “touch down” on a suitable surface at the end of each round. You can skate through treetops, touching down momentarily on thin branches before leaping for your next target, even skim across the surface of a lake. But if there is nowhere to touch down, you simply fall and will suffer damage from that fall. If you make this move while engaged, opponents still get an attack of opportunity. This is treated like running so additional actions in the same round will incur a MAP.

This edge also grants you access to the Waymaster Powers detailed in the spell lists section.

Combat Mastery

Requirements: Wayfarer, Smarts d8, Fighting d8, Strength d8.
You have learned to throw your opponents off with your unpredictable behavior in combat. You gain a +2 bonus to Smarts-based Tricks. You also gain a +1 to Parry. You suffer no penalty to Parry or Fighting rolls while prone. You can root yourself to a spot through exertion of will as a free action. You cannot be pushed, knocked back, or made prone.

Bring it On

Requirements: Wayfarer, Fighting d8, Tesh Tara Jal sect only
You are a skilled in defending against multiple attackers. You may ignore first 3 opponents when calculating Gang Up bonus. e.g. Enemies get Gang Up bonus of +1 only when there are 4 of them attacking.

Bring it All On

Requirements: Wayfarer, Bring It On, Fighting d10, Tesh Tara Jal sect only
You may ignore first 5 opponents when calculating Gang Up bonus. e.g. Enemies get Gang Up bonus of +1 only when there are 6 of them attacking.

Grab and Hold

Requirements: Wayfarer, Fighting d6, Arax T’ha sect only
You are more skilled at getting a hold on your opponent and keeping it. You gain a +2 bonus to Fighting when making a grappling attack, and a +2 to the Strength or Agility roll to maintain the hold.

Squeeze Play

Requirements: Wayfarer, Grab and Hold, Arax T’ha sect only
Once you have an opponent, you know how best to apply pressure. You gain a +2 bonus to damage against an opponent you have successfully grappled.

Heightened Senses

Requirements: Wayfarer, Notice d, M’Yow Lin sect only
You’ve learned to rely on senses other than sight. As long as the objective isn’t purely visual (such as reading a sign), darkness and vision penalties do not apply when in melee. You can fight with your eyes closed.

Accurate Attack

Requirements: Wayfarer, Fighting, Shooting or Throwing d8
When making a called shot, or if your target has cover, you ignore 2 points of penalties. There are separate Edges for Fighting, Shooting, and Throwing.

Disarm Mastery

Requirements: Wayfarer, Fighting d8, Hamar Tayar sect only
You excel at removing an opponent’s weapon in melee combat. Make an opposed Fighting roll against your opponent. With a success, he drops his weapon. If you get a raise, the opponent is Shaken and the weapon flies 1d4 inches away. Roll a d12 and read it like a clock face to determine which direction the weapon goes.


Requirements: Wayfarer, Agility d8, Hamar Tayar sect only
By using a scarf, cord, chain or other similar object, you tangle your opponent. Make a grapple attack as normal (see SWD pg. 73). On a success the target is Entangled as per the Entangle Power.

Legendary Edges:

Saddle Master

Requirements: Legendary, Riding d10, Fighting d10
They may use the highest of their Fighting or Riding when making mounted attacks. The character also gains +2 to Riding rolls, except when using his Riding die to make attacks. The character can mount or dismount a horse as a free action.

One Man Army

Requirements: Legendary, Knowledge (Battle) d10+, Fighting d12+
Your skill is so incredible that you are literally capable of fighting armies by yourself. When involved in Mass Combat you are treated as an army with 1 token regardless of the number of foes arrayed against you. You use your Fighting skill in place of Knowledge (Battle) and instead of losing Tokens you take Wounds (which can be soaked as normal). You do not need to make Morale rolls.


Requirements: Legendary, Command, Inspired, Natural Leader, Smarts d8+, Intimidation d10+, Knowledge (Battle) d12+
Your Command Radius extends to your Army when in Mass Combat.

Supreme Warlord

Requirements: Legendary, Warlord
You can add your Charisma as a bonus to your troop’s Morale rolls in Mass Combat and if your army would lose Tokens you may “soak” the damage using your Spirit in place of Vigor.


Requirements: Legendary, Notice d10+, Tracking d10+
This hero has learned to watch the signs and trust their instincts when it comes to navigating the vast wilderness. A scout may make a Notice roll whenever an encounter occurs while traveling. If successful, the scout detects the hazard, creature, or situation at the earliest opportunity, likely giving his party time to avoid it or at least attack it on their own terms. Don’t forget to remind the GM you have this Edge if your party’s going to be traveling. Scouts also gain +2 to Notice rolls made to avoid surprise in tactical situations.


Requirements: Legendary, Salar Runemaster, Master Merchant, Smarts d10+, Persuasion d8+
The character gains an additional +2 bonus to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls. He can also use skill to initiate a Persuasion Test of Will, opposed by the target’s Smarts.


Requirements: Legendary, Vigor d12+
Through conditioning, a healthy diet and small doses of icon powder, you have built up an improved tolerance for poison and disease. You gain +2 to all Disease and Poison resistance rolls. Rolls on Poison/Disease Effects tables are improved by 1 step in your favor unless you roll a 1 on your Vigor die (regardless of wild)


Requirements: Legendary, Vigor d12+, Spirit d8+, Improved Nerves of Steel
You are so tough that only the most serious attacks can inflict lasting injury. You do not suffer a Wound from being Shaken more than once.


Requirements: Legendary, Strength d12
You are good a smashing things. No barriers can stand in your way! When attacking objects you do get bonus damage on a Raise and your rolls can Ace.

Tower Of Iron Will

Requirements: Legendary, Smarts d12+, Spirit d10+
Your mind is an unassailable fortress. Any time anyone uses a Power with telepathic trappings against you (whether mystic or psionic) you can negate the effects of that power by paying Power Points equal to the cost of the Power being used against you. You can use this even if you are not aware the Power is being used against you and you may attempt to resist the power normally before paying the Power Points. If the Power affects more than one target then it is negated only for you, everyone else is affected normally.


Requirements: Legendary, Spirit d10+, Brave
Additional +2 to Fear Tests

Card Shark

Requirements: Legendary, Smarts d10+, Spirit d10+, Great Luck
Any time you are dealt a card, of any type, for any reason, after you have looked at it, you can choose to spend a Benny to discard it and redraw another card. You must accept the second card.


Requirements: Legendary, Woodsman
You are used to the rigors of nature and take extremes of weather in their stride. They gain +2 to Survival and Tracking. In addition, living with nature gives them a +2 bonus to Vigor rolls to resist Fatigue from Heat or Cold


Requirements: Legendary, Sorcery Skill d12+, Wizard
Mighty Blow, but for spell damage. Double damage from your spells when you have a Joker


Requirements: Legendary, Sorcery Skill d12+, Wizard,
The base duration of your spells are doubled before you have to start paying PP to maintain them. Tripled with a Raise on your spell casting roll.


Requirements: Legendary, Sorcery Skill d12+, Wizard,
The base range of your spells are doubled. Tripled with a Raise on your spell casting roll.

Elemental Resistance

Requirements: Legendary, Sorcery Skill d12+, Wizard,
+2 Toughness against damaging attacks from your College’s Element.


Requirement: Legendary, Artol Runemaster,
When you kill a foe (Incapacitate and they fail their Vigor roll) with an action you may repeat that action against a new target.

Dead Eye

Requirements: Legendary, Shooting d10+, Agility d10+, Marksman
Your accuracy at range with your chosen weapon is the stuff of legends. Reduce all Called Shot, Range, and Cover penalties by 1. You can shoot in Close Combat, using the target’s Parry as the Target Number.


Requirements: Legendary, Throwing d12+, Agility d10+
In your hands, a thrown dart or knife is a guaranteed bull’s-eye every time, and games of skill involving your aim are child’s play. You are able to cut the wings from a fly’s back when it is in flight, or cut the bell from a kitten’s collar without splitting a hair on the creature’s head. You can double the range brackets when using throwing weapons. Reduce all Called Shot and Cover penalties by 2.

Devastating Blow

Requirements: Legendary, Strength d10+, Fighting d12+,
The character suffers only a -1 penalty to Parry when making a Wild Attack.

Head Hunter

Requirements: Legendary, Fighting d10+, Strength d10+
Your penalty to target the head is only -3 in melee. Your called shots to the head to +6 damage, not +4

Head Shot

Requirements: Legendary, Shooting d10+, Strength d10+
Your penalty to target the head is only -3 in melee. Your called shots to the head to +6 damage, not +4."


Requirements: Legendary, Fighting d12+, Agility d10+, Florentine
Masters of the sword become exceptionally skilled at defending themselves, as well as exploiting opportunities to place a well-aimed thrust. Fencers gain a +1 Parry while unencumbered, and they gain a +1 to offset any Called Shot penalties. Fencers also gain a +1 bonus to damage. These bonuses require them to be armed with a sword.

Crippling Blow [Skill]

Requirements: Legendary, Fighting, Shooting or Throwing at d12+, Strength d10+
When you hit with two Raises on a Fighting, Shooting or Throwing attack you can keep your extra Raise damage AND draw the critical hit card. This Edge must be taken separately for each of the 3 combat skills. e.g. Crippling Blow Fighting, Crippling Blow Shooting, etc.


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