Hindrances Specific to Shadora

Dark Secret (Major)
The hero harbors a dark family secret that could endanger his very life and how he is perceived if it comes to light. (close family member tainted by chaos, relative allied with Chaos, etc ) The character receives a – 4 Charisma reaction from anyone aware of his secret. If it becomes public knowledge in the course of play, the hero loses this Hindrance, replacing it with Wanted (Major) as well as the – 4 Charisma modifier.

Unusual Looks (MInor)
The hero’s appearance looks a bit off. Whether it’s their eyes being set too close together, the slight webbing between their fingers, or a sallow appearance, people are uncomfortable around them. The hero suffers a – 2 Charisma modifier as someone may think they have some taint of chaos in their lineage.

Heavy Sleeper (Minor)
Once you drop off, you must make a Notice roll with a -4 penalty to wake up. You also suffer a -4 penalty to Vigor rolls made to stay awake.


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