Additional House Rules

Adventure Deck

  • Whenever an adventure card allows you to draw another card you are also allowed to play another card.

Enhanced Vision

  • Low Light Vision: No vision penalties for darkness (range 4").
  • Infravision: No vision penalties for darkness (range 6"). Can target heat and invisible/hidden normally.
  • Darkvision: No vision penalties for darkness (range 8").

Fumbles and Critical Hits

  • If a Player rolls snake eyes on an attack/sorcery roll, draw a Fumble card. Sorcerers are also Shaken. Outside of combat, the GM will make up something rotten to happen to your character.
  • If GM rolls snake eyes for a wildcard, each Player gets a Bennie for the PC of their choice. Snake Eyes cannot be Bennied.
  • If a Player a Raises on an attack/sorcery roll, they may choose to lose the Raise Damage and draw a Critical Hit Card and take it’s effects applied to the normal damage instead. They can make this choice at any time. GM does not get Critical Hit cards.
    • Double Damage = +4 Damage
    • Triple Damage = +8
    • Bleed = Bleeding Out
    • Attribute Damage = Attribute Die Reduction

Spending Experience Points

  • “Field upgrades” are OK. Character may “get/spend/use” their new advances (every 5 or 10 experience points) as they reach them, even if they reach them in the middle of a chapter or campaign arc.
  • The only exception would be any limitations on the specific choice such as the time required to gain a Professional Edge.
  • Arcane Edges that grant new spell per character rank ( Seasoned, Veteran, etc ) also happen in the field. Divine magic users are blessed with new powers as a sign of favor from their god. Expended Divine spells can only be recovered at the temple through prayer as usual. Sorcerers are assumed to have been studying their new power. etc.


  • You can’t deal more wounds than the target has in one blow. E.g. For an unwounded Wildcard you are limited to 4 wounds ( 3 + the one that incapacitated you ) in one blow. This way, no one ever rolls at more than a -4 on the Incapacitation Table.


  • Arrows and quarrels after a fight can be recovered on a d6 roll of 4-6.


  • You may either roll your Running die or take half. Player must decide before rolling.


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