Kasharos the Sea King

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Title: Ocean Emperor and God of Sailors and Ocean War

Aspects: Oceans, War, Sailors, Ship Captains, Kings, Sea, storms, waters.

Runic Triad: Water, Mastery, and War

Priesthood: Priests are called Squalls, Lords are called Fangs.

Herald: Talking waterspout.

Temples and Places of Power: Warships,

Duties: Protect water-using and water-based creatures, and promote knowledge of all aspects of water. Protect and aid sailors and sea creatures. Protect those of noble or royal birth.
Protect naval warriors and vessels, and always be the last to leave a battle.


  • Minor: Failure to teach the young about all aspects of Water;entering a desert, allowing a
    dolphin or other “harbinger” sea creature to be harmed, polluting a river or stream that feeds into the sea; Failure to offer advice to nobles when they are endangering themselves or their social positions;Failure to promote reasonably violent resolutions to conflict;
  • Major: Unknowingly acting in a manner that threatens one or more water-based or water-using creatures in the local area, knowingly refusing to take action against threats to one or more water-based or water-using creatures in the local area;killing a dolphin or other revered species, not undertaking a sea voyage of at least a week duration once a year; Refusing to engage in reasonable actions that protect or serve duly recognized and divinely blessed nobility;Attempting diplomatic solution when a conflict before using violent means to do so;
  • Mortal: Acting in a manner that seriously harms or slaughters a water-based or water-using creature, actively or knowingly allow water to be poisoned or tainted. Burying someone in the
    earth. Taking action against duly recognized and divinely blessed nobility. Promoting or maintaining peace when war is possible.

Mythos: Stories of the deities deeds from history.

Deities of the oceans are very popular among sailors and citizens in coastal towns. Most tend to be fairly distant or merciless deities, like the occasional rage of the seas themselves

Cult Divine Magic

Reflection (N) Spells which fail a contested Sprit roll will be reflected back at caster immediately. Reflected spell is treated as an attack spell from the target

Waterspout (N) This spell creates a waterspout with a height of 3" and a diameter of 1" per success and Raise. Targets more than 1" below the surface of the water are safe from the spout. Anything caught in the spout takes 1d6 damage per success ignoring armor. May be used to attack a ship. Damage is done each round until the ship is out of the effect of the waterspout.

Whirlpool (N) Creates a whirlpool with 3" in diameter, 3" in depth, and Strength 1d6 per success. Flying creatures are unaffected. Anything caught in the whirlpool must make opposing Strength rolls or be sucked under. A victim caught in a whirlpool cannot take any other actions except to try and escape until the effect ends or he can overcome the pool’s Strength. Non-aquatic beings caught in the pool must succeed in a Swimming roll before being allowed a Strength roll. Otherwise, being sucked under invokes drowning rules. The captain of a ship caught in a whirlpool must attempt a Boating roll. If he succeeds, he can match his ship’s seaworthiness vs. the whirlpool’s Strength. Success indicates that the ship escapes and failure means the ship loses 1d6 from Seaworthiness.

Mend (N)
Priests with this spell can mend damage done to a vessel’s hull within the last hour. The priest must subtract a penalty equal to the ship’s wounds on his Spirit roll. A success repairs one wound, a raise mends two. Has no effect on critical hits.

Tempest (L) See Vorthod

Drown (N) This spell is only effective on air breathing targets. The target’s lungs fill with water and he starts the Drowning process. The Breathe spell renders the user immune to Drown, but does not heal damage already taken. At spell’s end, the target may take no action for 1 round while he clears his lungs. Raise imposes a -2 on Vigor rolls.

Submerge (N) Each success of this spell cancels out the buoyancy of 2 Size of any floating object, causing it to sink towards the bottom. One success is enough to sink a human swimmer beneath the surface. Each success of Submerge cancels out 1 success of the Float spell. If this spell is cast at a ship, each success of the spell cancels out 100kg of the ship’s capacity. When the ship’s capacity has been neutralized, it is swamped. Thus, 5 successes would be needed to sink a typical large rowboat, with a capacity of 500kg.

Fire Shield (N) This spell provides 6 armor, against all fire-related attacks in an MBT, LBT on a Raise.

Shark Bite (N) This spell must be cast upon a spear, javelin, dart, or trident. Adds 1d6 Damage, 1d6+2 on a raise.

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

Breathe See Aguala

Float See Demelna

Wind Words See Guha

Dark See See Mawl


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