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Title: The Lich King, Supreme Necromancer, Lord of Decay, Lord of the Undead, King of Vampires, Lifestealer, the Soul Collector, Opener of the Gates.

Aspects: Vampires, undead, corruption, decay

Runic Triad: Chaos, Death, and Stasis (was stripped of Darkness)

Priesthood: Priests are called Liches, Lords are called Vampires.

Herald: A skeleton in a black cloak.

Duties: To destroy life, to aid undead,

  • Minor: giving burial rites to any creature, refusing to turn a corpse into an undead, refusing to aid or working against the undead;
  • Major: willfully slaying an undead creature;
  • Mortal: willfully slaying a vampire or lich.

Mythos: Stories of the deity’s deeds from history.

This is a typical god of necromancers. A god of death doesn’t have to focus on necromancy and other evil acts, however—it could equally apply to a god devoted to slaying undead.


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