Nyan the Maker

Fire Rune Mastery Rune Motion Rune ( Back )

Title: God of Volcanoes, Miners, Craftsmen and Smiths, Firestarter, Lord of Volcanoes, Flame Cloak, the Burning One, Soot-Face, Hearthwarmer.

Aspects: Volcanoes, Miners, Craftsmen and Smiths, Fire, hearths, flame, metal, gems

Runic Triad: Fire, Mastery and Motion

Priesthood: Priests are called Smiths, Lords are called Forges.

Herald: A blacksmith with a flaming hammer.

Duties: Protect and promote craftsmen and craftsmanship.

Temples and Places of Power: Smelters, Forges, Metal Works


  • Minor: Failure to participate in at least one semiannual event that displays works of craftsmanship in some form or another; unknowingly aiding a servant of cold, eating uncooked food (except obvious food-stuffs, like fruit), not fighting a cold-using beast stronger than you, damaging a hearth, forge, or other source of heat; using non-metal weapons or armor
  • Major: Refusing to punish those that defile or destroy great works of craftsmanship, failure to pursue opportunities to rediscover lost crafting techniques; not fighting a cold-using beast weaker than you, destroying a hearth, forge, or other source of heat;
  • Mortal: Defiling or destroying great works of craftsmanship, hindering the progress of craftsmanship within the community. Knowingly aiding a cold-using creature.


An important tale from Nyan’s history is one that explains how the Necessary Empire was able to create enchanted items, and why that ability has been lost to this day.

One cycle of the chaos war was going badly as it often did and the Elder Races beseeched the gods for better tools. The gods agreed that Nyan the Smith was best suited to teach the races how to improve their craft. The Nyan Truehammer left his fire forge in the realm of flame and came to teach at his volcano temple in the land of Koss. Every decade ten smiths were chosen, two from each realm and send to Koss to learn at the feet of Nyan who showed them first how to properly craft their items to a level of quality that would hold an enchantment. When they learned to craft the fine, superb and masterwork items, he swore them to secrecy and taught them how to weave the runes of power into their creations and imbrue them with wild mana from the journeymen ley lines, raw fury from the elements, and divine prayers of power from the gods themselves. The oath was a grave one and promised destruction of their immortal souls if they shared Nyan’s secrets. Thus were born the enchanters.

Great rings of binding and protection, willowy wands of creation and destruction, staves of healing and harming, cloaks, boots, gloves, and girdles that enhanced ones natural powers, and weapons, shields and armor that could destroy entire legions of chaos began to flow into the hands of the armies of the Necessary empire and the tide began to turn.

Chaos fought back with cunning and guile and brushed its corrupting hand across the brow of one of the young smiths preparing for the annual journey to Koss. She was a fair elven maiden named Ayrie and her skill with wood, silver and gold was unparalleled. The agents of chaos, whispered to her in dreams and told her that Nyan’s plan was to burn her forrest once the war with chaos was done. Why should the Perali trust a lord of flame?

She decided that she would go and learn Nyan’s ways and then teach them to her people so that they could defend themselves when the time came. As it happened Guha, in one of his many disguises, was at the docks casting dice with Terali sailors when Ayrie’s ship arrived from Stormhaven arrived. As she walked by, Guha marveled at her beauty and noticed how she looked with scorn on fire worshippers in the city. He new that Nyan was usually smitten by the Perali women he trained, often seducing them at some point during their training. Guha though it would be a fine joke to cast a glamor on Ayrie to make her irresistible to Nyan, while giving Ayrie true sight so she could see Nyan for what he was, smoke, flame and ash, no matter which of his more seductive forms he chose.

With his beguilements in place, Guha took the form of an apprentice smith and followed Ayrie into the great smithing hall to watch the jest play out. As the years played out, Ayrie learned her craft well and became one of Nyan’s greatest pupils, crafting wondrous weapons with powerful enchantments. Nyan in turn showered her with gifts and took every pleasing shape he could imagine only to grow more frustrated each time at her rebuffs. Mount Verrika, the great volcano of Koss began to belch black smoke, a grim reflection of the anger boiling beneath the surface of the god of volcanoes. Guha could hardly contain his laughter as he toiled beside them as a lowly apprentice.

As the tenth and last year of her apprenticeship drew to a close, Ayrie began work on her final project – a golden circlet that held a a massive white diamond. She toiled on it relentlessly both day and night. Since this was the 100th anniversary of Nyan sharing the gift of his skills, all of the enchanters that had completed the training in previous years gathered for a great feast to celebrate their great works turning the tide of the chaos war. Many brought their greatest works to share with their old master as gifts of gratitude for sharing his secrets with them. Many and varied were the treasures heaped before his forge. On the night of the feast the latest crop of new enchanters showed off their final works to all those assembled. When Ayrie’s turn came she proudly displayed her circlet and all were taken aback at its beauty and simplicity. Someone called out asking what it’s power was.

“It bestows the knowledge of one onto another. My tireless assistant will demonstrate.” So saying she set the circlet upon Guha’s head and all of her thoughts and training flowed into Guha’s mind in an instant.

Before he knew what he was saying, he blurted out, “I am an enchanter! I can make anything!"

Nyan’s eyes flew wide in surprise that quickly turned to rage. Mount Verrika rumbled menacingly as Nyan roared, “Ayrie you are a temptress and an oath breaker! You’ve scorned me and my gifts for the final time. The gift of my lore returns to me this night. Rage and roar great Verrika! Punish them for their sins and entomb their great works for all eternity!

In a terrible reflection of its master’s fury, Mount Verrika exploded in a firestorm that send flam and ash, smoke and heat and great gouts of lava that flowed down the slopes and buried Nyan’s temple and all within. From the temple on the mountainside the great wall of fiery death flowed down the foothills towards the harbor and the city of Koss below.

Guha, realized his role in this great folly and moved to save the people of Koss that he had come to love. He used this powers to help the citizens flee the harbor in the great fleet of ships that had brought the rune smiths to the city. The fire and flames were moving towards the fleet faster than the ships could sail, so Guha breathed upon them to grant them great speed. However, Guha’s breath is the is the winds of change and the fleet vanished after they let the harbor and were never seen again. Some say they wander the sea to this day as a lost fleet.

Nyan return to this hall to brood in silence for many years and chaos began to take the upper hand again as the enchanted weapons were lost or broken one by one over the decades following the destruction of Koss. Guha used his new found skill in enchanting to create a large number of prank enchantments that others later called cursed items. Guha soon grew bored with this and set off on other endeavors, but his divine jokes are still sought after by tricksters everywhere.

Today, the only new enchantments that can still be created are rune metal and to some extent alchemical potions. Some rare rune smiths can still puzzle out how to recharge a drained wand or staff but they are few in number. Perhaps more secrets lie buried with their makers in the ruins of Koss…

Cult Divine Magic

Warm (N, 12/24/48)
Increases the temperature in LBT by 10C. 20C on a Raise

Fire Dwell (N, Touch)
No heat or flame can harm the recipient, they see clearly through smoke or fumes, and can withstand any noxious vapor. The recipient takes double damage from cold.

Heat Blast (N, 24/48/96)
It causes a blast of heat to erupt from the ground doing 4d6 ignoring physical armor. Target may catch fire. See Bolt 5d6 on a Raise.

Lava Jet (L)
Jet template of lava doing 4d6 damage, 5d6 on a Raise. Targets may catch fire.

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

Fire Weapon See Lazur

Analyze Magic See Garathis

Sun Bright See Bandar

Impede Chaos See Kilwin

Rapid Growth See Peral


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