Peral the Earth Warden

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Title: Mother of the Elves, Protector of Plants, Goddess of Agriculture, Goddess of Fertility

Aspects: Elves, all plant life, agriculture and farming, fertility and abundance

Runic Triad: Earth, Plant and Fertility

Priesthood: Priests are called Tenders, Lords are called Leafwardens.

Herald: Description of the divine messengers used by the deity as proxies in the mortal world.

Temples and Places of Power: Forest Glades and Clearings, Farmers Markets, Farms, See Markets, Silage, Farming Communes

Duties: Protect the elves. Protect the world and all that dwell upon it and within it. Protect the community’s ability to grow its food. Protect seed, seedlings and plant life


  • Minor: Failure to offer reasonable assistance to an elf. Failure to observe celebrations of the changing of the seasons and the world’s flora and fauna; Failing to observe the annual celebrations of the changing seasons, the planting times or the harvest times;
  • Major: Refusing to take reasonable action against those that threaten an elven community. Unknowingly acting in a manner that threatens the local ecology or landscape, knowingly refusing to take action against threats to the local ecology or landscape; Unknowingly acting in a manner that threatens the community’s ability to grow its food, knowingly refusing to take action against threats to the community’s ability to grow its food;
  • Mortal: Taking action that intentionally betrays an elf or harms an elven community. Knowingly acting in a manner that seriously harms or destroys the local ecology or landscape. Knowingly acting in a manner that destroys or seriously impedes the community’s ability to grow its food.


There are many example of Peral using the powers of nature and growing things to battle evil during the Chaos War. One of her most famous exploits involved a battle with the formless god Malamorph.

Peral and her elven hosts had Malamorph and his shape-shifters deep into the Greatwood forest. The mood of the elves was high as Malamorph was out of room to run and the elves knew the forest well. In a grove of ancient oak Malamorph and his army wheeled to meet their pursuers in a frantic bid for survival.

As Peral’s army battled against all manner of were creatures, Peral slipped into the forest and confronted Malamorph. He fled deeper into the woods and when Peral pursued, she found that he had Vanished.

“Formless one, are you lost in the woods perhaps?”

“I am not lost, nor will I be found. Abandon your hopeless search.” called a voice from the trees ahead.

“Think you I don’t know these woods? This grove was one of the first I planted and the daughters of the forest live here. I know every blade of grass by name in this place. Come forth my daughters and show our guest that he cannot hide here.”

Elven Dryad

The trees of the grove shimmered and tall, green skinned elven women, clothed only in bark and leaves, stepped forth from the trees. Only one tree had no dryad tender and Peral smirked at Malamorph’s attempt to mimic her creation.

“Come forth Malamorph, your game is up. You will stand before the Elemental Court in chains before this day is out.”

“Bah!” the tree exclaimed as it slowly shifted into a humanoid form. “No chains can hold me, no rope can bind me and no dungeon can confine me.”

“It is not a dungeon that I have planned for you formless one, something far stronger.” As she spoke, the vines along the forest floor crawled to him and the great trees of the forest bent toward him. He rapidly found himself becoming entangled in a sticky, sap laden, ball of vines.

“This is no matter to one such as I. Watch as I shrug off you manacles!” Malamorph began to change form again, but the growth of the vines seemed to keep pace with his every move. No matter which direction he stretched his form, the tangled growth and the dripping sap was there to meet him and halt his progress. With a groan he knew he was undone.

The vines finished their writhing work and Malamorph lay trapped in a huge ball of amber. Peral waved a hand and the sticky sap solidified. She instructed her daughters to quickly carry the formless one’s prison to the battlefield. When the mighty shape-shifter army saw that the impossible had happened, their god had been captured and bound, their morale broke and they fled the battlefield with reckless abandon. The elves gave chase and put many a were-beast under the knife that day.

This battle was seen as a turning point in the Chaos war as Peral was the first to bring one of the mad gods to justice. The morphs in Shadora have never forgotten the vicious nature of the elven pursuit and merciless slaughter their kind. They harbor a special hatred of the elves to this day.

History: Peral’s elves still tend to the forest and all living things. With the death of Teral, she has become the preeminent earth goddess. She is worshiped by farmers and is called upon to bless both crops and families with abundance.

Life After Death: The elves practice a simple burial in a hollow log while most human worshipers seek burial within the arms of the earth.

Reason for Continued Existence: The cult serves to keep the land and its people well fed and productive. Without Peral’s blessings, most farmers would be at the mercy of the weather.

Cult Divine Magic

Rapid Growth (N, Touch) Matures plants one year in 15 minutes. The spell effect is permanent. Affects MBT, LBT on a Raise. If targets are in the template when cast, treat as Entangle spell with Raise.

Plant Spy (N, Touch) Chosen plant is able to transmit touch, vision and sound information.

Bless Crops (N, Touch) This spell will guarantee a return of an average year’s harvest when cast at planting. Blessed area is equal to what a farmer can plow in a day, twice that on a Raise

Chameleon (L) See Invisibility Non-free actions make you visible until your next card.

Silence Sphere (N, 12/24/48) Creates a barrier thru which no sound may pass. Medium Burst Template, Large on a Raise

Arrow Trance (N, Touch) 3 (4 on a Raise) to Shooting skill and Bow Damage. May only move to find a target. Parry -2. May cast only Bow magic. No healing

Tangle Thicket (N) Must obtain a seed from a Priest. Seed grows to fill a MBT, LBT on a raise, with thorn filled thicket (acts as Barrier spell with Toughness of 12) when thrown on arable ground and this spell cast upon it. Thicket creates poison gas (-4, Paralysis) if burned. Acts as Entangle power with Raise if cast on an area with creatures already in it.

Animate Tree (L, SPIx2, HT) Causes 1 Tree (2 on a Raise) to animate under the control of the caster. Caster must spend 1 action per round to command.

Animated Tree: Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d4(A), Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d8,
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6, Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 19

  • Armor 4: Thick bark.
  • Branch Swipe: Str + d6, Reach 1.
  • Stomp: Strength + d10. Non rigid armor offers no protection against the stomp.
  • Huge: Attackers are +2 to attack rolls against a war tree due to its size.
  • Plant: + 2 Un-Shake; Half damage piercing weapons; No Called Shots damage; Immune to poison and disease.
  • Size 4: An average war tree is over 20’ tall.

Forest Walk See Burrow in SWD, above ground and in the forest only.

Sun Bright See Bandar

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

Sure Shot See Dagaral

Comfort Song See Xarandar

Dark See See Mawl

Sure Shot See Dagaral


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