Players Wanted

Hi, my name is Pat and I’m looking to add players to my weekly Savage Worlds fantasy campaign set in my home-brew world of Shadora.

My ideal player enjoys longer campaigns and a friendly atmosphere. You like getting into character, but also chatting online with friends and having fun. You would be able to game online on a weeknight using the Virtual Table Top tool Roll20 and using Google+ for conversations. You enjoy a good mix of role-playing, action and combat, and like playing games like D&D.

No previous experience with Savage Worlds, Roll20 or Google+ is necessary. I am willing to set you up and the other players and I are very patient at teaching the rules and helping with the technology. We play once a week on a Mondays at 6pm Pacific Time.

If this type of game sounds great to you, please e-mail me with any questions you might have or to introduce yourself. pelwer at gmail dot com

Players Wanted

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