Salar the Traveler

Air Rune Trade Rune Motion Rune ( Back )

Cult Divine Magic

Create Market (N) This spell is identical to Warding , but only activates on those who enter the area with a hostile intent.

Lock (N, Touch, 8 weeks) Cast on a door, lid, bag opening, lock, etc. Acts as Glue spell with strength of Spirit x2. (x3 on a Raise ) Caster may open or close object as desired for 8 weeks.

Lighten Load (N, Touch, 24 hours) Anything in the spelled container weighs half as much.

Hide Wealth (N, Touch) This spell must be cast upon an inanimate bundle of goods, no greater than Size -1. It causes target to become invisible to everyone except caster and anyone watching as spell is cast. If hidden goods are moved, the spell dissipates.

Path Watch (L, Touch) Spell must be laid upon a visible road which will be traveled by the caster. It alerts user to the direction and number of enemies and traps within 25". The spell travels with the caster and lasts as long as the road and the caster stays awake.

Spell Trade (L) Caster and target may trade one use of any Divine spell in mind. Must be voluntary and the spell cannot be regained until its new owner casts it or dies

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

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Cult Details and History

Title: God of Trade, Travel, Diplomacy and Wealth

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Aspects: Merchants, trade, negotiations, contracts, messengers, coinage, wealth.

Runic Triad: Air, Trade, and Motion

Priesthood: Priests are called Silvertongues. Lords are called Longwalkers.

Herald: A smartly dressed merchant carrying a trade ledger.

Temples and Places of Power: Farmers markets, trade guild halls

Duties: Promote trade, secure good deals. Protect those who deliver messages and practice diplomacy.


  • Minor: Giving money to the poor, allowing stock to be stolen, selling goods at a loss, getting caught avoiding tax payment, selling stolen goods; Failure to make a reasonable effort to deliver a message that one has accepted;
  • Major: not making a profit each month, breaking a contract, cheating on
    weights or measures; Refusing to act as a messenger or diplomat when requested by one’s temple;
  • Mortal: getting caught smuggling, losing a regular trade deal. Actively working to stop or hinder messengers or diplomatic efforts.


Salar had many travels during the Chaos War. His most famous, or infamous from the Terali’s point of view, was the prisoner exchange of Grimhollow.

Grimhollow is a box canyon that was carved out of the deeps of the Bitterhope mountains by the digging of nests for the chaos spider queen Argaring. She and Sinooth had used it as a base to attack the realm of earth and gather captives to steal their minds and torment their souls. The war god Raranar led a mighty host of trolls into the Bitterhopes in hope of finding and destroying the hidden lair that was vomiting out so much misery and madness upon the land. Peral and her elves joined Raranar as did Teral with his dwarves. Salar and Guha rounded out the force by managing the supply lines, baggage trains and scouting safe passage.

Their journey through the Bitterhopes was harsh and perilous. Argaring had crafted sinister ambushes and Sinooth’s forces would carry off soldiers in the night and left their headless corpses on the trail for all to see the next day. Despite these terrors, Raranar led the host mostly intact to the ominous gates of Grimhollow.

The battle that followed was long and bloody as both sides fought to a rough stalemate. Raranar led the gods on a daring raid in which Sinooth was captured, but Guha, Peral and Teral fell into the hands of the enemy. Raranar wanted to kill the mad god immediately, but Salar stayed his hand.

“Sinooth is a powerful bargaining chip my lord Raranar. We could use him to free Guha, Peral and Teral. We gods are many, but the mad ones are few. Sinooth is worth at least five captives to Argaring. Let us meet her under flag of truce and arrange an exchange. I would not want to fight the next battle without the full support of the elves and dwarves.”

Raranar was swayed by Salar’s silver-tongued words and arranged the meeting. Argaring readily agreed to Salar’s terms and the swap was arranged for the following day. Peral, Guha and Teral were lined up and marched forward as Raranar unbound the battered Sinooth and sent him forward. As the weary Sinooth passed Guha, the prankster couldn’t resist tripping the mad god and he fell face first into the dirt. Guha’s laughter rang in great peal from the canyon walls and all the onlookers couldn’t help but laugh along with the great jester’s mirth.

Sinooth became enraged and leaped to his feet. He pulled a concealed garrote from his sleeve and wrapped it around Teral’s throat as the lord of dwarves was last in line. As the entire dwarf nation looked on, Sinooth completed his foul deed and Teral’s head left his shoulders. The hordes of chaos rained into the canyon as Raranar and Salar escaped with Peral and Guha.

When they were safely back at camp, the dwarves called for council and swore that they would never forgive Guha and Salar for their role in Teral’s death and that they held them personally responsible. Salar used all of his negotiating and persuasion skills, but could not sway the dwarves whose hearts had turned to stone. They packed up that night and left the campaign. Without the dwarves the Grimhollow campaign had to be abandoned and the area remains a chaotic cesspool to this day.

True to their word, the dwarves have never forgiven Salar and most of today’s dwarven societies refuse to trade with the silver-tongues. The dwarven word for trader is the same as the one for traitor. Guha redeemed himself in the eyes of the dwarves centuries later when he gave them the secret of gunpowder.

Teral’s bones have never been recovered by the dwarves and they lament this greatly. Teral’s head is thought to be on Sinooth’s belt or hidden in one of his dark places of power.

History: Salar played a key role in the emancipation of the human race. The ability of Salar’s merchants to move easily between realms enabled to to carry messages and help coordinate efforts of the various slave factions plotting rebellion. Their efforts saved thousands of lives and if they were found out they were generally tortured for what they knew and then impaled near the slave pits. When the Throne of Man wanted to reach out to the eldar races and broker peace by offering them a home for their temples in Emancia, the Salar merchants served as the kings diplomats and emissaries.

Reason for Continued Existence:
Salar and lords are successful merchant, diplomats and spies. They play a crucial role in the economy of any large city and are responsible for establishing and maintaining trade routes. Silvertongue traders are welcome in almost any land for the news they bring and the goods they carry. Salar teaches that fair and honest merchants will be welcomed into his house in the underdisk. Funeral rites are simple cremation with the ashes scattered over the merchant’s favorite trade route.


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