Chaos Rune Truth Rune Mastery Rune ( Back )

Title: Soul stealer, spirit breaker, The Mad God, Lord of Head Hunters, the Backstabber (Fire)

Aspects: Madness, insanity, head hunting, spirit binding, secrets, ignorance, concealment,

Runic Triad: Chaos, Truth, Mastery (was stripped of Fire )

Priesthood: Priests are called Spiritbreakers, Lords are called HeadHunters.

Herald: A severed head, writhing silently in agony

Duties: Destroy knowledge, spread ignorance, conceal objects from view. Destroy or enslave a ancestral spirits, and repositories of historical knowledge related to ancestors.

Duties: Sins: (Minor) (Major) (Mortal)

  • Minor: being caught lying, spreading knowledge, writing a book or giving a lecture; not destroying at least one book a month; Venerating a community’s ancestors;
  • Major: betraying a confidence, allowing an object or secret you concealed to be found; Failure to pursue opportunities that promise to destroy knowledge of events surrounding famous ancestors;
  • Mortal: revealing a deep secret given to you in trust. Revealing lost works or deeds of a community’s ancestors

Mythos: Stories of the deity’s deeds from history.


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