Roll20 and G+ Guides


You will need a g+ account so that you can connect with the session through video and voice. This is required to play as one of our players is overseas and the built in Roll20 video/voice is too laggy.


You will need a roll20 account so you can interact with the virtual table top, move your tokens around and roll dice.

Basic Macros

Roll20 SW Wiki Page

Light Source and Vision Settings

All players see light see FC p10-11
Candle: 1,1,360 – lasts 1 hour
Torch: 4,4,360 – lasts 1 hour
Lantern: 4,4,360 – lasts 4 hour
Light Spell: : 4,4,360
Sun Bright Spell: 8,8,360
Campfire: : 6,6,360

Character Sheet

Note: You can minimize the character sheet by double clicking on the form header!

Below is the Shadora Character Sheet for Roll20. Most of the fields and control on the sheet are pretty intuitive. All dice string fields use the full roll20 dice language and are sent straight to the roller as typed. Here’s a quick walk through:

  • To open the sheet, go to the journal tab and poke your character’s name.
  • Next select the Character Sheet tab on the form the pops up.
  • Under the Savage Shadora banner you will find the basic details like name and race.
  • Next are the attributes and derived stats. As you work thru Character Creation fill in each of these values.
    • Attributes have field for Original and Current Values to help with Injuries and other changes that might get reversed someday.
    • “Full Ammo” should indicate how much ammo you have when fully loaded
    • “Full PP” should indicate how many Power Points you have when fully rested
    • The “Penalties” box is an auto calculating field that will display all the global modifiers you receive from things like wounds, fatigue or encumbrance.

  • Wounds and Fatigue provide radio buttons to quickly capture your condition
    War Gear provides a place to set up your weapons.
  • The dice bar is for rolling any extra dice when a situation demands it.
    • Att Mods are for global attack modifiers like Wild Attack, the Drop or a spell effect
    • Curr Ammo just displays the value of the ammo tracking radio buttons below.
    • Poke the “+Add” button to add a row or any weapons you are carrying. The “Modify” button lets you delete rows.
    • The weapon attributes are: Name, Attack Dice, Damage Dice, Range and Weight.
  • Arcane Powers is where you capture your Possession, Divine and Sorcery Spells. Note that you can capture the same spell multiple times to account for spells with variable casting options like Bolt and Blast.
    • Another dice bar provide common spell damage dice
    • The “Arc Mods” field is for capturing global arcane modifiers like the effect of Ley Lines.
    • “Curr PP” just displays the value of the Power Point tracking radio buttons below.
    • The power attributes are: Name, Power Point Cost, Arcane Skill Dice, Power Range, Power Effect Summary, Power Duration.
    • The Add and Modify buttons work the same as those under War Gear.
  • Coin and Currency tracks the loot you are actually carrying on you.
  • The Skills section lets you add you Skill Names and Dice
  • Hindrances provides a place to log you hindrance and their effects
  • Edges provides a place to log your edges and their effects
  • The Notes field is a text box to log Injuries, Enemies and anything else you want to remember.
  • Sins and Duties provides a place to capture details about your cult or college that should affect your characters actions.
  • Encumbrance is where you log you current load (Enc), the Max you can carry, and any modifier from carrying too much.
  • The Possessions section allows you to log your Armor and other non-war gear. You can specify where it is stored and how much it weights if you are carrying it on your person.
  • The last section is the “Other Details” which gives you a place to log more detailed background information.


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