Weapons and Armor in Shadora

Ranged Weapons
Melee Weapons

Finding High Quality Equipment

While it is possible to buy higher quality equipment, the odds of finding it in a shop of some kind are fairly low. In a large city you may (1-2 in d6) be able to find Fine equipment in a specialty shop. Superb or Silver gear could be created by hiring a rare (1 in d10) craft master to spend a season making it for you. Masterwork items are one of a kind and are usually only found in the possession of private collectors that are very unlikely (1 in d100) to want to part with it. Lastly, Runes may be enchanted into weapons and armor by rare temple rune smiths (1 in d10) to provide a small bit of divine favor that can be used to strike down a gods foes or protect their worshipers from evil.

Weapon Quality Modifiers

Quality Cost Weapon Shield Ranged Armor Wt. Tough
Standard x1
Fine x3 +1 Dam +1 Parry T: +1/2/4
S: +2/4/8
+1 +2
Superb x10 +1 Dam
+1 Att
+1 Parry T: +2/4/8
S: +4/8/16
+1 -25% +4
Master- work x100 +2 Dam
+2 Att
+2 Parry T: +4/8/16
S: +8/16/32
+2 -50% +6
Silver x10 see the Silver Rule below +25% - 2
Rune Weapon +10x/
see the Silver Rule below As base +2

Rune Weapons

Some magical creatures, like hosts, chaotic horrors and elementals, can only be struck with a rune weapon. Divine craftsmen called rune smiths may inscribe a fine, superb or masterwork weapon with runes of power. A weapon may carry at most two runes and they must be compatible elements. E.g. darkness and earth is ok but darkness and fire is not possible. A rune weapon can strike a magical being if it opposes at least one of the elements inscribed on the weapon. Thus a dark-earth sword could strike magical fire, air, or water creatures. All Rune weapons can strike magical creatures of Chaos as all elements oppose them equally. A weapon with a magic spell cast on it such as Smite, True Weapon or Fire Weapon can also strike magical creatures.

It costs 10x the normal purchase price of the weapon to add each rune. The buyer must also be at least an initiate of their cult in good standing intending to use the weapon for personal use. Cults go to great lengths to retrieve rune weapons of fallen heroes so these weapons rarely come up for sale in the secular market. The ritual takes one week per rune. Upon making Rune Master, the hero may take the initiate edge for cults of associated elements, opening the path for getting the second rune on a weapon.

Rune melee weapons can strike magical creatures that are opposed to the rune. Rune shields and armor each add +1 Arcane Resistance against creatures that are opposed to the rune (max +2). The ammo from Rune range weapons can strike magical creatures that are opposed to the rune.

The Silver Rule

When a sorcerer attains the Apprentice rank his attunement to the world’s natural mana flow, from which he draws his power, becomes more refined and much more sensitive via the Apprentice Bonding ritual. Bronze, as an alloy, is an impure metal and interferes with the sorcerer’s mana manipulations. The universities have discovered that silver is the only metal which will not interfere with the flow of mana. A sorcerer of Apprentice rank or higher may carry only Strength pounds of non-silver metal without impairing his skills. Every Strength pounds beyond this (round up) inflicts a -2 Sorcery skill modifier.

Silver is much heavier for use in weapons and armor, but it is able to strike any magical creature.

Shadoran Armor and Shields

Type Armor Parry Weight Cost (T) Notes
Leather +1 n/a 15 50 Covers all locations
Chain +2 n/a 25 300 Covers all locations
Plate +3 n/a 45 900 Covers all locations
Mount Barding By Type n/a x2 x2 Covers all locations
Add Spikes Plate Only n/a + 5 +100T May knee/shoulder/etc. for Str +d4, Grapple forces foe onto spikes for Strength damage, critical failure means you are stuck and must roll Strength to free yourself
Small Shield +1 8 25
Medium Shield +2 vs. Missiles +2 12 50
Large Shield +2 vs. Missiles +3 20 200

Shadoran Ranged Weapons

Weapon Class Range Damage Wt. Talons Notes
Banger Throw 5/10/20 3d6 1 500 Terali Grenade. Med Burst Template
Blunderbuss Shoot Cone 3/2/1d6 12 300 Terali Firearm. 2 actions to reload, Ammo 5T/Shot,
Cone: 3d6 first 4", 2d6 next 4", 1d6 in last 1 inch.
Bola Throw 4/8/16 Special 0.3 70 Agility Trick using Throw skill. Success: Target -2 Parry. Raise: Target falls prone, has -2 Parry and is Shaken.
Bow Shoot 12/24/48 2d6 3 250 No Lir, STR: d6
Crossbow Shoot 15/30/60 2d6 10 500 AP 2, 1 action to reload, Ammo: 2T/Quarrel, STR:d6
Hand Crossbow Shoot 6/12/24 2d4 3 200 AP 1, Ammo: 1T/Quarrel, STR:d4
Dagger Throw 3/6/12 Str+d4 1 25
Perali Bow Shoot 20/40/80 2d6+2 1 Grown 1 Season to grow, Can move and still use Marksman edge, Perali Only
Lir Bow Shoot 10/20/40 2d4 1 200 Short bow developed by the Lir, Lir Only
Pistol Shoot 5/10/20 2d6+2 3 150 Terali flintlock Firearm. 2 actions to reload
Rifle Shoot 10/20/40 2d8+2 15 300 Terali flintlock Firearm. Two Handed, 2 actions to reload
Hand Axe Throw 3/6/12 Str+d6 2 75
Net Throw 2/4/8 Special 3 100 Agility Trick using Throw skill. Entangled as spell, Size 1 max
Repeater Shoot 15/30/60 2d6 10 1000 Terali Crossbow. AP2, 2 action to reload clip of 12
Shuriken Throw 4/8/16 Str 0.1 5 May Auto fire 3/round (-2/att w/o Rock & Roll edge) e.g. can roll 3 att + the wild die with a -2 penalty for auto-fire. Can hit multiple targets.
Sling Throw 8/16/32 Str+d4 1 10
Short Spear Throw 3/6/12 Str+d6 3 100 Includes Javelins
Wetbow Shoot 10/20/40 2d6 10 500 Agualan Crossbow. Works in air and water, 1 action to reload
Ammo Shoot - - 0.1 1 Arrow, Bolt, Stone, or Bullet, May be Silver for 10x price
Man Killer Shoot - +1 0.1 10 Arrow or Bolt Only, May be Silver for 10x price
Mawla Killer Shoot - +2, AP 2 0.2 25 Arrow or Bolt Only, May be Silver for 10x price

Firearm Misfires

Although great progress has been made in the manufacture of firearms, they are still unreliable weapons. Whenever a natural 1 is rolled on a Shooting roll, regardless of Wild Die results, roll 1d20 and consult the following misfires table.

  • 1–3 Kaboom! Weapon explodes dealing normal damage to wielder. The weapon is destroyed in the process.
  • 4–8 Fouled: The barrel becomes fouled. You must spend an hour cleaning it out before it can be fired again.
  • 9–12 Jammed: The firing mechanism jams. Clearing the jam requires 3 actions of work. May fire the round after clearing it.
  • 13–16 Weak Charge: You used too little powder to prime the weapon so the shot was fired to no effect.
  • 17+ Failed Ignition: Either the firing mechanism fails to produce a spark or the powder fails to ignite. The weapon doesn’t go off, but it can be fired again next round.

Shadoran Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Wt. Cost (T) Notes
Ball and Chain (2H) Str+d10 8 150 Ignore Shield Parry & Cover bonus, AP 1 vs. Plate,
2 hands, Reach 1, 1 on Fighting die = hit self
Battle Axe Str+d8 10 300
Club Str+d4 2 0
Dagger Str+d4 1 25
Fighting Claw Str+d4 3 100 Considered to be Unarmed Attacker. If a martial artist,
adds +1 to Unarmed Combat damage in place of the d4 damage.
Flail Str+d6 8 200 Ignores Shield Parry and Cover bonus
Garrote (2H) Str+d4 1 90 Must make Grappling attack at -4 to hit the throat.
If successful, grappler gains a +4 Strength for opposed rolls for duration of grapple.
Targets of a garrote must make a Vigor roll at -4 to be able to speak; yelling requires Raise.
If it is not a wire garrote, damage is Str. 2 hands
Great Axe (2H) Str+d10 15 500 AP 1, Parry -1
Great Sword (2H) Str+d10 12 400 Parry -1
Halberd (2H) Str+d8 15 250 Reach 1
Hand Axe Str+d6 2 200
Katana Str+d6+2 6 1000 AP 2
Long Spear (2H) Str+d6 5 100 Parry +1, Reach 1
Long Sword Str+d8 8 300 Includes scimitars and broadswords
Mace Str+d6 6 20 AP 1 vs. Plate armor
Maul (2H) Str+d8 20 400 AP 2 vs. Plate armor, Parry -1
Mounted Lance Str+d8 10 300 AP 2 when charging, Reach 2
Nata (2H) Str+d8 10 110 Reach 1, 2 hands, Perali pole arm
Chaku Str+d6 2 50 Ignore Shield Parry and Cover bonus
Pike (2H) Str+d8 25 400 Reach 2
Rapier Str+d4 3 150 Parry +1
Sai Str+d4 2 20 Disarm +1
Short Spear Str+d6 3 100 Parry +1, May be Thrown
Short Sword Str+d6 4 200 Includes cavalry sabers and Fel Sashi
Staff (2H) Str+d4 8 10 Parry +1, Reach 1
Tonfa Str+d6 8 200 Parry +1
Trident Str+d6 6 100 Parry +1, Disarm +1, May be thrown like a short spear
War Hammer Str+d6 8 250 AP 1 vs. Plate armor


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