Xarandar the Merciful

Earth Rune Fertility Rune Harmony Rune (Back)

Title: Mother of Life, Great Healer, Merciful One, Midwife, Woundbinder, Peacemaker, the Outstretched Hand

Aspects: Healing, Love, Fertility, Mercy, Peace.

Runic Triad: Earth, Fertility, and Harmony

Priesthood: Priests are called Mercygivers, Lords are called Woundbinders.

Herald: A white-robed figure.

Temples and Places of Power: Hospital, Nursing Home, Lepers Colony

Duties: Protect all who need healing and show mercy to all. To help those in need (not including chaos), to promote peace. Protect those that are fertile or that promote fertility. Protect and nurture pregnant mothers and children, and promote safe birthing practices and conditions. Protect those who practice non-violent conflict resolution.


  • Minor: Failure to teach the art of medicine and healing to those who express interest; Inflicting a wound on a creature when other options were available, refusing to heal a good person in need, promoting violence through word, deed, or inaction; Failing to participate in celebrations that honor or promote fertility in all living beings; Failure to provide aid to a pregnant mother or a child when they are in need; Failure to promote peace and non-violence;
  • Major: Refusing to provide reasonable healing efforts to individuals in need, refusing to act against the followers of Drith; Taking the life of a living creature, causing sickness or disease; Unknowingly acting in a manner that threatens the fertility of living beings in the area, knowingly refusing to take action against threats to the fertility of living beings in the area; Refusing to punish those that slay or significantly harm a pregnant mother or child, refusing to hunt down those that steal a child; Refusing to attempt diplomatic action before moving to a path of violence when keeping the peace;
  • Mortal: Willfully taking the life of a defenseless creature. Acting in a manner that seriously harms or eliminates the fertility of living beings in the area, causing the death of many living beings. Slaying or significantly harming a pregnant mother or a child. Acting in a manner that intentionally harms or slays those that need healing, deliberately spreading disease or plague. Acting with unnecessary violence in order to resolve a conflict.


Xarandar is a dominant deities in many lands and her influence extends way beyond the elemental domain of earth. Here priests are revered and welcomed wherever they go. Her priests
are typically heroic and altruistic, and many are pacifists as well. When they are tasked with defeating undead and other supernatural evils, they can be completely merciless.

Cult Divine Magic

Resurrect (L, Touch) Restores target to life. All Wounds, Poison, Disease must be removed first. Spell summons the deceased spirit to its body. The caster then starts spirit combat. If the caster wins a round they may attempt bind the spirit back into the body, returning it to life. If the caster is defeated, the soul is lost to death forever. The victim loses 5 XP for dying plus 5 XP for each day after the first 24 hours. After the 7th day, the character is lost.

Comfort Song (N, Touch) Spell allows the user to sing a Song of Power which keeps all within a MBT, LBT on a raise, centered on the caster from feeling pain, effectively anesthetizing the body. All wound penalties are ignored and Injury Table Vigor rolls are made at a +2. Will bring a Berserker or target with Raging Psychosis out of his rage. Caster may take no other action, but may move normally.

Heal Body (L, Touch) See Greater Healing in SWD. Heal Body also restores petrified flesh. Purges all poison, and cures all disease.

Group Defense Trance (L, Touch) This spell is maintained by the will of the casting priest. It creates a veil-like barrier, which encloses an MBT, LBT on a Raise, centered on the priest. Any creature attempting to pass the barrier is attacked by a disruption spell that does 2d6e + the number of friendlies in the barrier. Priest can take no other actions but may be led by the arm at half Pace.

City Harmony (L, Touch) This spell affects everyone within a MBT, LBT on a Raise, centered on the caster and keeps them from getting excited or violent. Will calm a mob or break up a riot. Healers will cast this and walk thru the streets when trouble is brewing. In combat, has the effect of befuddling all in the effected region if Spirit is overcome by the priest.

Bless Home (N, Touch, 1 year) Whenever a family member is within the walls of the blessed home, his Toughness is increased by one and all Trait rolls are increased by one. (By 2 on a raise ) The enchantment ends if ever the family hearth is destroyed.

Divine Spells from Associated Cults

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